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Resolution Community Services (RCS) is a provider of Aged Care and Disability Support Services for seniors and disabled people. The community has been assisting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, since 2018.

We are an organization that focuses on the needs of clients, family members and caregivers. at Resolution Community Services. We provide personalized resources and support to ensure an individual gets the appropriate help.

We want our support worker to be the 'most well-suited' to meet your unique needs. We recognize the need to ensure the quality, protection, and effectiveness of our health care practitioners and personnel.

Nasrin Azizi

Nasrin Azizi is the Executive Director of the Resolution Community services (RCS). She is the founder of the Resolution community services in early 2018 and she has over 16 years’ experience in the community sector and five years’ experience in the disability sector.Nasrin holds a bachelor’s in social work, Diploma of Welfare community services and Certificate 4 four in Disability.

She has extensive experience in the community sector. Nasrin Azizi is currently involved in empowering Victim of Domestic Violence especially women who are on spouse Visa and refugee communities in settling in Australia. Nasrin Azizi has a strong passion for delivering social justice to refugees and vulnerable groups in need. She has an interest in women's rights and supporting and empowering refugee women and people with disability and their families to reach their potential goal. Nasrin is currently working in collaboration with key Community Leaders in Northern Sydney where she aims to build and drive social impact through a stronger social sector, develop professional networks and lead continuous improvement and change.

Nasrin also provides extensive expertise in building connections between stakeholders and consumers and generating creative solutions to meet diverse community issues.Nasrin is currently working on project called Kabul 2 U in collaboration with City of Ryde. The aim of this project is to empower women who are victim of Domestic Violence and person with disability to build their self-confidents and also to become valuable member of their society.

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