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Are you new to Afghani food or don’t even know what Afghani food looks or tastes like?

Afghan cuisine is mainly influenced by that of Persia (Iran), India and Mongolia. From India came chillies, saffron, garam masala (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, nutmeg) and pepper. Persia contributed coriander, mint and cooking with sabzi (spinach or green herbs), while Mongolian influences take shape in dumplings and noodles. But Afghan cuisine has a style of its own. Unlike some in their region, Afghans like their food neither too spicy nor too hot, and they are renowned for their use of dried fruit and nuts. They have a flair for rice, with yoghurt used as a dressing, topping or accompaniment, much like Italians use cheese.

Bread is eaten with just about everything. The two main types are similar to those of Pakistan, India and Iran: a large round, flat bread (lawash) and a naan-style bread marked with distinctive grooves, commonly sprinkled with sesame and nigella seeds, and cooked on the inside walls of a clay oven.

So now that you have an understanding of Afghan Cuisine let us introduce you to Kabul 2 U.

Kabul 2 U is a Social Enterprise provided by Resolution Community Services. Our food is lovingly made by people who may be newly arrived migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged members of the community who may experience issues such as: Domestic Violence, Unemployment, Social Isolation, Mental Health, Disability and other challenges in life.

When our clients join Kabul 2 U they are taught basic cooking skills, social skills, business skills and are provided a safe environment while making and providing delicious and traditional Afghani food to businesses and organisations in the greater Sydney area.

An example of how Kabul 2 U is helping people to be empowered and take control of their personal situation is with a young lady named Susan (name has been changed for her safety). Susan is currently on a spousal visa and has only been in Australia for two months. Unfortunately Susan is also a victim of abuse and Domestic Violence. Since becoming an active member of Kabul 2 U, Susan has been able to get the help she needs to leave her domestic situation; she has learned new social skills, teamwork building skills and has learnt to cook some amazing dishes from her home country.

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